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Warranty Policy

All new products sold by Cosmo Lighting comes with manufacturer's warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing faults, excluding any misuses of the product. Please consult the product packaging and documentation regarding warranty periods.


  • Installation must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician, with the exception of DIY (do-it-yourself) products.
  • Warranty will only be provided where proof of qualified electrical installation is provided. Eg. Electrical Safety Certificate.
  • Warranty will be voided if the product is installed by other than a licensed electrician (with the exception of DIY products).
  • Any repair work or modification of the product without the approval of Cosmo Lighting or the manufacturer will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover incorrect installation, normal wear or aging, damage through incorrect use or power surges.


The warranty process varies depending on the type of warranty for your product.

Replacement Warranty

If your product is found to be faulty within the replacement warranty period, you are entitled to a replacement. Replacement warranty does not cover for any costs associated with installation or return postage costs.

Postage cost to send out replacement will be covered by Cosmo Lighting.

To request for a warranty replacement, please fill out the form below.

Warranty Replacement Form

Please ensure this form is submitted before sending your item back to us. Unauthorised returns will be rejected.

In-Home Warranty

If your installed product is found to be faulty within the in-home warranty period, you are entitled to a repair or replacement. The manufacturer will arrange for a service agent to diagnose, repair or replace the faulty product. The costs associated with the repair or replacement of the faulty product will be covered by the manufacturer.

Note: The cost of repairs and service call arising from incorrect installation will be payable by you at the time of repair.

To request for an in-home warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Here you can find a list of information from the manufacturers for all your warranty queries.

CLA Lighting http://www.clalighting.com.au/
Cougar Lighting http://www.cougarlighting.com.au/
Domus Lighting https://www.domuslighting.com.au/
Eglo Lighting http://www.eglolighting.com.au/
Elstead https://lightco.com.au/
Emac & Lawton https://www.emac-lawton.com.au/
Havit Lighting https://havit.com.au/
Hunter Pacific https://www.hunterpacificinternational.com/
Il Fanale https://lightco.com.au/
Lexi Lighting https://www.lexilighting.com.au/
Lighting Republic https://lightco.com.au/
Lodes https://lightco.com.au/
Martec Australia https://www.martecaustralia.com.au/
Mercator https://www.mercator.com.au/
MDA Lighting https://mdalighting.com.au/
Norlys https://lightco.com.au/
Northern https://lightco.com.au/
Oriel Lighting https://oriel-lighting.com.au/
Royal Botania https://lightco.com.au/
Telbix https://telbix.com/
Trend Lighting http://www.trendlighting.com.au/
Ventair https://ventair.com.au/
Zaffero https://zaffero.com.au/